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Question:  When is the next election?
Answer: The next election is .
Question:  What is the deadline for registering to vote in the next election?
Registration closes at the office of municipal, township, and road district clerks, deputy registrars, and agencies.  Last day to register at the election authority's office (with the exception of Grace Period Registration).
Grace Period Registration closes at the office of the election authority or at a voter registration location specifically designated for this purpose by the election authority.  Grace period registrants vote at the authority's office, designated location, or by mail, at the discretion of the election authority.
Question:  How can I register to vote?
Answer: For more information surrounding voter registration, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website.
Question:  How may I determine in which congressional and judicial district I reside?
Answer: Districts may be found by entering your voting address here at the District/Official Search website: District/Official Search
Question:  Where can I find information about the offices that will appear on the ballot?
Answer: Office descriptions can be found on the Office Descriptions webpage.
Question:  Who is my local election authority?
Answer: "Local Election Authority" means a county clerk or board of election commissioners.
Your local Election Authority can be found on the Elections Authorities Information webpage.
Question:  What type of voting equipment is used by my election authority and what are the instructions for properly using that equipment?
Answer: Voting equipment information can be found on the Voting System by County webpage.
Question:  How do I become an election judge?
Answer: Information about election judges can be found in the following Adobe PDF document: Election Judge Information.